Additional Services


Corporate Account Lead Generation Programmes

To win new Corporate Account rooms business, we will design (in conjunction with your sales and marketing department) a customised questionnaire.

With the use of this questionnaire our telemarketers will then contact all major businesses to identify each company's need for hotel services. By establishing contact with the decision makers within each company, we will present to the hotel a lead form with a request for quotations, etc.

The dynamics of telemarketing, operated by an international marketing company with a proven track record within the hotel industry, will lead to the generation of a significant number of active and qualified leads for the hotel's Sales and Marketing department to convert.

This service is provided free of charge by ProMark Strategies as part of our "Total Marketing" philosophy, which features the Loyalty Membership as its core product.

Banquet Conference & Meeting Lead Generation Programme
ProMark Strategies will also target and contact major companies to ascertain their meeting business requirements. This information will also be forward to your Sales & Marketing and Banqueting departments.

Secretarial Incentive Programme
Many secretaries have the autonomy to decide which hotel they place their company's business with. To capitalize on this, ProMark will set up a dedicated secretary incentive programme to encourage those secretaries to use your hotel wherever possible.

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