Loyalty Membership

Most hotels, through their Sales & Marketing Departments, have succeeded in creating market awareness of their product in the general business community. Travel agents, tour operators and local companies with a hotel need, are contacted regularly. From time to time the general public may also be targeted with special promotions.

All hotels compete for their market share in these market segments. However, there are other important areas where some hotels are not competing at all, either through lack of awareness or lack of resources. In an age of ever-intensifying competition, hotels are finding it increasingly important to utilise all available avenues to maximise business and protect their market share.

In recent years, new business strategies have had to be developed in order to make companies more streamlined, focused, competitive and profitable. Through outsourcing this programme to ProMark Strategies you will be gaining an opportunity to enhance your business in many areas at no cost and without financial risk.

A Professionally managed and dynamic Loyalty Membership Programme is created and managed by ProMark on behalf of your Hotel. (set up in your hotel has some frightening connotations for clients not familiar with the concept). Our sales team will market your membership to the top 10 - 20% of the local business and professional community. We will invite them to enjoy incentives within the hotel, via the powerful and hugely effective medium of telemarketing.

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