Loyalty Membership - Membership Benefits
The membership benefits are personalised to the hotel's needs and the local market conditions. The goal is to enhance revenue in all profit centres. The membership normally includes the following: -

  • Dining Benefits

  • Accommodation Benefits

  • Conference, Banqueting & Function Incentives

  • Additional Incentives

  • ProMark Partners

      Members may dine in the Hotel's restaurants on a complimentary basis provided that they dine together with at least one other paying guest. Beverages are charged at the full price for all diners.

    The average number of covers per usage will be between 3 and 4. Since it is only one person's proportionate share of the food bill that is discounted and as beverages are charged at full price, the average discount on the total check is only about 15%-18% on average.

    This must be considered as good viable business. Additionally, as all members have paid a membership fee, regular patronage of the Hotel's outlets is ensured. Consequently a significant and sustainable increase in F&B business will be achieved.

      Accommodation Benefits
    Members will also receive a range of attractive room accommodation certificates offering rooms discounts. These certificates are usually in-line with the hotel's average rates and are only valid subject to availability. The members see these benefits as highly attractive and the hotel can accept or decline the use of these certificates depending on occupancy levels.

    The net result of these accommodation certificates will be an increase in rooms business of between 10% - 15%.
      Conference, Banqueting & Function Benefits
    Depending on hotel's needs, discount certificates can be included in the membership that will encourage the booking of functions, meeting rooms, banqueting, weddings packages, etc.
      Additional Incentives in Other Areas of the Hotel's Business
      The Loyalty Membership is an excellent vehicle to improve any aspect of the hotel's business. Depending on the hotel's needs, any area of the hotel can be promoted by the membership, for example - bars, nightclubs, health centres and even theme evenings.

    As the membership certificates are usually fully transferable, the benefits can be extended to visiting business clients, friends and family. This increases the potential market exposure of the Hotel, increases F&B business and boosts room occupancy still further.
      Additional Incentives in Other Areas of the Hotel's Business
      Each member will receive an additional membership card called the ProMark Partners card. This card entitles the member to enjoy certain membership benefits (dining and some accommodation discounts) with other ProMark client hotels.

    This additional (free) membership will enhance the value of your membership package and therefore help to increase membership sales. More importantly however, as each member from ProMark's other client programmes will also receive this card then the potential of inbound business to your hotel is enormous.
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