Mission Statement

Statement Of Core Business
We are dedicated to delivering highly effective and profitable Customer Loyalty Programmes that are designed to substantially increase revenue throughout our clients operations.

Strategic Vision
Through our innovative, committed and dynamic approach, supported by leading edge technology, we will establish ourselves as the market leaders in every field of our chosen operations.

Outlining Strategies
We will recruit, train and develop high calibre individuals.

We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with each and every client, achieving measurable results for them in terms of revenue and profit increase.

We will continually evolve our growth strategies and working practices, through the encouragement of creativity, supported by a commitment to the use of enabling technology.

ProMark Strategies - Core Values
We are a team made up of individuals, each of whom is an essential asset to ProMark and will be recognised as such.

We will continually grow and develop our people in an environment committed to creating continual learning opportunities for all.

We value ourselves in terms of client satisfaction and longevity of our relationships. We will achieve this through listening and responding to our clients' needs in a dedicated, honest manner and by delivering a level of service that exceeds their expectations.

We will establish and build solid relationships with all our supplying agencies, ensuring mutual benefits to the partnerships.

We will ensure that all our relationships, be it with our own people, clients or suppliers are managed with care, honesty, consistency and integrity. We work towards creating every contact as a 'win - win' situation.

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