Loyalty Memberships - Spend Tracking System

ProMark Strategies’ electronic tracking technology interfaces directly with POS & PMS systems, delivering a
user-friendly single data entry system (which assures accuracy and removes human error).

The secure on-line data is formatted in to reports that are tailored to suit your Hotel’s reporting requirements
and can be analysed & compared via the powerful search engine provided.


 Analyse Member base by:

Marital status
Spend levels
Lifestyle preferences
Promotion success
 Analyse F&B spend by:
Meal segment
Date range
Visit / Cover review
High-Mid-Low Spenders
 Analyse Room spend by:
Room category
Room rate
Date range
Weekday review
Incremental spend

Access to your database of Members generated by your Loyalty Membership Programme is available to
your selected Hotel Executives via ProMark Strategies secure system, allowing access 24hours-a-day, 7days-a-week.

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